The Pros and Cons of Laptop Computer Rent to Own Agreements

The Pros and Cons of Laptop Computer Rent to Own Agreements

These days, with the world economy on such a downturn, it sometimes seems easier to rent things that you need rather than purchase them outright. After all, the weekly or monthly payments seem small enough, and who can make a large financial commitment when employment seems no longer guaranteed? Rent to own plans seem especially attractive depending upon the product.

Laptop computer rent to own plans are available at many places. They offer a brand new machine without a large cash outlay. All that is required of you is to pay a weekly or monthly rental fee until the entire purchase price is paid off.

However, those laptop computer rent to own plans have disadvantages as well as advantages. Before making a final decision about entering into such a contract agreement, take some time to consider the pros and cons of those types of deals.

The Advantages:

It can be very beneficial for businesses that require computers for short term projects to consider rental to own laptop deals. Rather than purchase a whole new set of laptops that will no longer be needed after a project’s completion, the business might save more if it rents laptops. It will also save the headache of what to do with the laptops once they are no longer needed.

The rent to own laptop plans may also benefit customers who have less than great credit and simply lack enough cash to make the purchase. Most of the time it is very simple to enter a rental store and work out a contract with terms that can fit within your given budget and walk back out with a new laptop.

Potential Disadvantages:

When you consider the total cost of rent to own laptops and add in the required service fees and insurance charges, you might be surprised that the total cost of your beautiful new device is up to three or four times the actual retail price. It is not that uncommon to find unscrupulous rental outfits willing to take advantage of cash or credit-disadvantaged customers. Check the small print of the computer rental agreement (or any other rental agreement for that matter) to ferret out provisions that could increase your monthly interest fees for any number of reasons.

It might be true that brand-new high end laptop computers can still be very expensive. However, rapid advances in computer technology, efficiencies and miniaturization continue to drive the cost of new laptops lower and lower. There are also a number of new “economy” models available that are specifically designed for more economic minded customers.

Rather than taking advantage of laptop computer rent to own deals that may seem too good to be true, you might come out ahead in the long run if you are able to scrape the money together, bite the bullet (so to speak) and just purchase the best new laptop that you can afford.

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