Linux Training – Documentation in /usr/share/doc Directory – Linux System Administration Commands

Linux Training – Documentation in /usr/share/doc Directory – Linux System Administration Commands

The /usr/share/doc Directory Path

The Linux doc (for documentation) directory is the parent directory for a few hundred subdirectories that contain information regarding software components. All of the subdirectories begin with the name of a software package and may end in “-x.x.x”, where the “x”s are numbers that show the current version number of the software.

For example, there may be a subdirectory below doc named bash-x.xx. The x.xx in the directory name, such as 2.05, shows the current version of the bash (Bourne Again Shell) installed on your system.

    Linux Commands Training Tips: The Linux System Administration commands, concepts and tasks covered here apply to ALL other Linux distributions, including: Red Hat, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Slackware, Debian, SUSE, openSUSE – and Fedora.

Each of the subdirectories below doc, such as bash-x.xx contain help text files regarding the software components installed on your system.

A huge amount of useful information is included in these directories in files with names like: README, FAQ, INTRO and NEWS. If you are having difficulty with a software component, or even if you just want to know more about it, this is a good place to look for help and information.

Using ls and less to View the Linux Documentation Files in the doc Directory – Command Examples

        ls     -l     /usr/share/doc     |     less

Scroll down to see the Linux adduser, grep and info directories – and there are lots of other Linux documentation directories containing information used for system administration.

Type in /user and press Enter to go to the first occurrence of “user” and then press “n” several times to go to the next occurrences.

Press the letter q to quit out of the less command.

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