How To Defrag Your Computer Easily

How To Defrag Your Computer Easily

Defragmentation is the process which helps the user to reduce the disintegration of the files on the user’s computer hard drive, a computers performance can be severely hampered if the hard drive connected to the computer gets fragmented. The user defragments their computer in order to reorganize their files in sequences so that the computer system runs faster. As all files gets arranged and placed in sequence and even files which acquires small places get stored in one place which allows the user to use more space.

If the files saved on the computer are unevenly spread out on the hard drive, it can cause the computer to take longer period of time to search or retrieve these files as compared to searching for files that are stored in a sequence and arranged properly. This method helps the user to search for a file instantly.This method of defraying definitely improves the performance of your computer.

Defragmenting your computers drive is a simple procedure that can be carried out by users at home and does not need much of technical knowledge. During the defragmentation process the computer automatically sorts out the files as per their usage and frequency of retrieval and stores these files accordingly, this not only helps make the computer faster, but also helps open up more space on the computers disks.

You can follow this simple procedure to defragment your computer running a windows operating system:

Uninstall programs or delete unwanted files which are unwanted and are taking up valuable disk space. This will make free space to store data that is required and relevant on the computer. This step also helps in arranging the files in proper order.

Check that all the programs which are not required are closed. This will make sure that your computer is not busy or that no program is running in the back ground which will slow down the speed of defragmentation process.

Make sure that all the programs which are automatically set to run at a particular time should be cancelled. Always make sure that you should run one program at a time for better effects.

See that temporary files are deleted so that you free up more disk space. To clean the files from the disk you the run the cleanmgr program in the windows.

Once you have completed these tasks, it is now time to defragment your computer. To defrag your computer, click on the start tab, select a program named dfrg.msc. Click on this program and then select the drive you wish to defrag i.e. C: drive which is default drive and then click on the defragment button.This would start the defragment process for your computer and arrange all your files in a proper manner.

Once you have defragmented your computer hard drive, you would be able to see immediate results in terms of improved speed. It would take lesser time for you to access your files as well as retrieve them. It is advised to defrag your computer regularly as well as run the cleanmgr program to ensure that your computer hard drive does not fragment and reduce the speed of your computer.

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