COVID-19 Immunity – Enter By the Slender Gate

COVID-19 Immunity – Enter By the Slender Gate

Matthew 7: 13-14 places it: “enter ye by the slim gate, for huge is the gate that results in hell”. A most telling verse certainly. In mild of Coronavirus, to the place precisely is that this tutorial verse guiding. Regards total well being, how will we interpret this verse particularly regards Coronavirus contagion?

By the top of this text, issues on this space ought to develop into far more clearer. That, regards COVID-19, we’re not helpless, by no means, in truth, the reverse.

The reality is, we’re every internal geared up with dynamics of prevention and therapeutic particularly regards the scenario pertaining globally.

However, till we join consciously with this safety dynamic, and add it virtually into consciousness, then scriptures as these stay at their mental worth solely. Thus the necessity of studying the above scripture esoterically, versus literal. Floor studying alone of this, or any scripture, doesn’t alter the state of the soul.

Greater than ever, it is time for shifting into private empowerment or direct expertise of the innately current divine inside every of us. Time for evolving past limiting dogmas and perception methods, into genuine religious maturity in God-Presence consciousness.

Remembering, that, biblical ‘church’ shouldn’t be referring to a bodily constructing, however one’s consciousness. Equally, the biblical time period ‘Jew’ refers to ‘inwardly’ — one in search of God inside. The time period shouldn’t be referring to the Jewish nation or its individuals. Thus the phrases on prime of the crucifixion learn: ‘hail king of the Jews’ that means, reward be the inwardly directed soul in search of their very own Christ inside.

This Matthew scripture, subsequently, is referring to our being ‘inwardly’, being in slim gate standing versus outwardly — huge gate orientation.

At our core, we’re every ‘inwardly’: we’re every seeker’s.

To this finish, understanding keyphrases within the above scripture, is significant.


What does slim and huge gates imply?

‘Gate’ is an avenue of sense expertise, and ‘slim’ is inward focus.

Huge gate is referring to the outer world, to the incessant exercise of the scattered thoughts and its attraction or affiliation with the conditioned 5 senses.

So, there are two gates. One resulting in heaven the opposite to hell. The gate to heaven is the strait, or slim gate – that means to be inwardly in search of – and the gate resulting in hell is the outer huge gate of sense consciousness.

The questions come up: what practicalities are concerned in coming into the slim gate? The place are these two gates positioned, and the way does one enter by the slim gate? Will we enter with our perception methods, our creeds, our faith-flags, or with what?

In different phrases, what’s the password?


The slim gate is psychological convergence — a method of self-realization — and is positioned within the mind. The huge gate features beneath the regulation of religious ignorance, right here known as hell. And the password is, ‘meditational silence’.

Mastering these two ‘gates’, by making use of the password virtually, are our safety means in opposition to COVID-19. It does so by creating invincible immunity.

Commencing Inwardly

Each gates initially characterize polar reverse functioning’s, and for good motive. The reason is, that we should select one gate normal over the opposite. Then, having chosen to be inwardly — slim gate — we make sensible progress in that route: begin the inward journey of figuring out God instantly. This course of — which can be defined — contemplating the tangible rewards of heaven and well being, shouldn’t be tough however requires dedication and dedication.

Huge gate consciousness satisfies mind-senses solely, whereas Spirit or slim gate satisfies the center,

Narrowing the main focus

So, ‘the slim gate’ initially is about NARROWING the huge gate: narrowing the lively mind. Narrowing the actions of the incessant acutely aware pondering thoughts and its attraction with the outer world. Narrowing the psychological focus is how the senses develop into withdrawn from their objects, thus reworking huge gate experiencing.

Huge gate exercise causes lack of religious id, therefore the expression ‘what good in conquering the world, if in doing so, we lose our soul’.

We’re born into huge gate normal, therefore the necessity of God-given colleges in bringing about slim gate normal, thereby entry to kingdom of heaven consciousness.

Miracle of Convergence

Narrowing of the huge gate, subsequently, is one in every of psychological convergence.

Convergence, by reworking huge gate into slim gate, or, into single-eye consciousness, performs as miracle-like exercise, in that, convergence facilitates co-existence, whereby each gates perform synergistically as one – ‘as above so beneath’.

Repeated arriving at convergence permits the mind adapt to dealing with two states of consciousness concurrently: world consciousness and everlasting consciousness. Previous to twin state of consciousness, the mind functioned solely in mono.

When converged state turns into established, we’re now not beneath the ignorance-compelling influences or dominance of huge gate points of interest: we now make acutely aware selections. The mind re-calibrates from mono, permitting the nervous system expertise time and timelessness — relative and absolute — concurrently. Remembering that we are available in to this world uploaded in mono solely.

In different phrases, when convergence matures, then narrow-gate-wide-gate rework to develop into infinity and level consciousness concurrently. I say mature, as a result of, there’s a lot bliss on contact with level, in mature slim gate, that the nervous system wants time to acclimatize, develop into cultured into withstanding waves of bliss. Thus it takes repeated apply for the physiology to adapt.

Biblically, level is known as ‘the least amongst you’, for there’s nothing smaller than least. As soon as we achieve mature ‘least’ — point-contact, or mature slim gate consciousness — the soul is liberated to surf acutely aware infinity — the non-permeated state of Being.

Relevance of Aum and the Pineal gland

Allow us to now introduce the automobile of convergence, the mantra, Aum.

As talked about, with a view to transcend sense exercise, we should hone the psychological colleges by way of convergence. In attaining this, the mind adjusts to the reverberations of Aum. Aum mantra is the refined buzzing sound of the universe. When this sacred vibratory sound oscillates at between 1-3 cycles per second, the mind attunes itself cosmically or Godly.

This internal listening to of Aum, on the refined degree, takes the notice naturally between the eyebrows, to the pineal gland on the middle of the mind. The eyes, in meditation, will routinely journey upwards converging themselves between the eyebrows.

Some could also be accustomed to sure crucifixion photographs, the place Jesus’ eyes — on the cross — are open and clearly directed to this converged level between the eyebrows. There’s how the pineal gland is accessed for its religious and well being advantages. This gland, subsequently, equates to the biblical slim gate, or level consciousness.

There’s a bust statue of the pineal gland within the backyard part of the Vatican. This image is rarely spoken about, and, but its esoteric message is significant significantly throughout this current pandemic.

Pineal expertise transcends perception methods.

The pineal is the place biblical Jacob (symbolism for the as but non-redeemed soul) noticed the face of God (Bliss). ‘Face of God’ is referring to the picture and likeness or God-nature awaiting stimulation into consciousness, into our lives as direct Presence expertise. The pineal centre is the place decrease ego – huge gate — will get ‘crucified’. It is also known as ‘place of the cranium’ – or ‘mount’, that means highest level of consciousness. In different phrases, in meditation, when consciousness transcends, it develop into Mount consciousness.

Optimizing internal listening to

Many are accustomed to chanting of that almost all revered mantra, Aum or Om.

We’re now going to point out simply how this glorious mantra may be skilled much more purely.

In verbal chanting, we’re acquainted solely with listening to Aum at floor decibel degree, and that is stunning, after all. However, for a lot of, verbal chanting will not be sensible in confined residential quarters.

So, for example our regular chanting of Aum is thru the floor decibel degree. Now, begin listening to verbally at floor degree, for, for example, 30 seconds. Then, stop verbal recitation and proceed listening to the identical mantra sound silently inside – go into ‘minus’ decibel degree depth. We’re now deepening the internal listening to gate to 4-7 cps, (cycles per second) that is Theta therapeutic state.

With sustained apply, we are able to deepen to 1-3 cps, that is referred to as Delta state. That is God-Vibration state.

A apply run

Be seated with closed eyes. Start floor listening to of Aum for about 30 seconds then swap to ‘listening to’ Aum silently inside.

If the thoughts drifts into huge gate, and it’ll — for this reason we apply — pause for about 3 seconds, then resume internal ‘listening to’. Every resumed ‘listening to’ can be from a deeper degree. This gate-narrowing from floor exercise to cosmic silence, equates to disease-free or divine normal of consciousness.

we come to grasp, that, level and infinity are equal: neither are permeated by time, house and causation. Due to this fact, points as COVID-19 don’t exist right here. And if the entire international inhabitants entered into level consciousness or Pure consciousness every day, the world wouldn’t be closed down as pertains presently. However, this too shall cross.

Lastly, to finish Matthew 7–13-14 above, we have to make clear Matthew 22–14. This verse is piotal.

It states:

‘Many are referred to as however few are chosen’

This verse is instantly related to the huge gate, slim gate dynamic.

The very fact is, by start, we have every alreadybeen chosen, or invited to the marriage feast, to the dominion of God inside: every is invited to enter by the slim gate. In different phrases, we’re every bestowed off divine Potential for realizing Godliness inside consciousness. Every is given potential of self-realizing ‘picture and likeness of God’ by acutely aware alternative.

Thus we ‘select’ or make ourselves ‘chosen’.

‘Picture and likeness’ realization is for the needs of dwelling divine normal by faith-infused consciousness. This religion shouldn’t be for selective materials possessions solely, however common all through all features of our life. Developed religion equates to developed silence, which represents cosmic normal of consciousness or direct alignment in God-nature.

We have all been chosen or given an invitation to this divine normal. However, climate we select to go to the marriage feast — select to converge and undergo slim gate of silence expertise — is our alternative. On this context, God doesn’t pressure or select any of us, as such, we make ourselves chosen.

The phrase ‘many’ means ‘all’, and the phrase ‘few’ means ‘none’ and the phrase ‘chosen’ refers to selecting ourselves, selecting slim gate over huge gate.

For a lot of, at first, this path can pose private challenges. However that is precisely what it is imagined to be: a problem of integration and transformation. And for this reason many initially don’t discover the slim gate, as a result of they haven’t consciously determined find it.

Within the above scriptures, we’re requested to give up sense-consciousness for the interval of meditation. In meditation, we relinquish huge gate for slim gate, relinquish decrease normal for divine or white garment normal. Repeated meditation ensures we’re sporting a white garment on the wedding ceremony feast. White garment is achieved by coming into by the slim gate repeatedly, resulting in purification,.

In conclusion

Meditation is much like coming into the silence cave inside, then re-emerging. However, on re-emergence, we’re not leaving the cave behind, relatively we’re taking its pure silence with us. Every time we enter the cave and re-emerge, we develop abuntdantly extra in pure silence and stillness. Thus every entry into meditation ensures retention of deeper cave-silence, when, at a sure level, cave silence turns into everlasting.

Thus, conditions as COVID-19, as a consequence of our now invincible immune system, born of converged slim gate silence, don’t have any impact on us. Blessings.

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