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I just found out that, "For the first time ever in the “interesting” history of Network Marketing, a $100+ million-dollar organization, is making a huge impact in the United States out of Latin America. The next 5 years, we anticipate more than 1 million individuals, to join Fuxion Biotech"- Randy Gage

Those of us getting started as a rep with the Fuxion business, can profit by this huge growth to follow! Fuxion is gaining the attention of some superstars in Network Marketing! Randy Gage (don’t take my word for it just—Google him!), one of the best Network Marketers on the planet, is a phenomenal one on the Fuxion team!

What is FUXION? FuXion is MLM where teas, shakes and vitality powder blends meets organize skills, training and friendly conversations. Their items come through biotechnology and conventional cures from the general population of the Amazon, the Andes, and Asia.

FuXion has a solid purpose, vision and purpose – Science and legacy, from the Amazon to your overall, total body, all-encompassing well-being. FuXion is a youthful and energetic food fabricating organization that offers great nourishment supplements extricated from chosen super-foods grown from the ground from Andean, Amazonian and Oriental birthplaces. The company pays the indigenous farmers to grow the plants, thus substantiating their lively hood and not destroying or robbing the land of her resources and moving on.

 "FuXion" originates from the "combination" (or mix) of millenary information from historic societies with present day science and innovation to build an exceptional item and opportunity offering to enhance the general prosperity of individuals, through body, psyche and otherworldly nourishment.

 What is Fuxion about? This Company, is not at all like the masses or other start-ups in the United States. Fuxion has produced massive results "sharing information" in 11 nations in Latin America for now over 10 years and is at $100+ million in revenue every year!

 The amazing fact and honest truth is that 95%+ of MLM organizations out there, never get to $100 million in a year, and Fuxion has done it without the biggest Network Marketing nation on the planet, the United States… Phenomenal!

SHOW ME THE MONEY:  the Fuxion business distributes a 43% Net Payout! For those of you that are not acquainted with Net Payouts, it is the level of cash that is paid to the Network Marketers versus add up to income.

Fuxion Biotech was the Peruvian Company of the Year in 2015! Incredibly, the Company has developed from $1 million in yearly deals in 2008, to over $132 million in yearly deals a year ago! More than 400,000 Latin American Network Marketers are on a course to bring a business record this year! Friends, take a long hard and serious look at what is occurring with the Fuxion business in the United States…

Simply consider this; the Fuxion plan of action has created unprecedented success and wealth in Latin America. What will happen in the United States and other countries in the next five to ten years? Can you truly afford to miss this?

Think of the opportunity you have at your feet today. What if you could have invested in Chick-fil-a? Apple? Facebook? Google? Amazon? Would your life be the same? Would you be able to help your friends and family? Would debt keep you up at night? Would you be able to travel?

I'm just curious, would you like to retire in the next five years?

Maybe the better question is where will you be in the next five to ten years when this momentum gets rolling and this “ground floor opportunity” in the United States is not “The Biggest Secret In America”?

This opportunity may never come again. Even conservative estimates say Fuxion will reach $300 million annually in the United States alone within 3-5 years. Yes, conservative estimates at that.

Who do you think cares how much money will be in your bank account in the next 3-5 years? Remember, the Fuxion business distributes a 43% Net Payout. If you could earn a half of a percent of that amount, you would earn $150,000. Not to mention lifestyle bonus, car bonus, housing bonus and travel bonus.

I know what you are thinking, my daily routine isn't all that bad. I can be happy living this way. I have done it all these years. Hey, that is a real option, but is it the right option for you? Most people say..."No, not me!" Everybody says that having more time with their loved ones is important. For sure, everybody knows the harder you work, the better vacations your boss takes.

Surly we can all agree, that if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

I show people how to fire their boss and walk away at full pay and relax to a five-day weekend (fifty-two times a year) and do what they love with whom they love. And that...Well, that my friend is priceless.

So, if working for your boss, commuting to work and getting a few weeks’ vacation a year is for you, Great! Thanks for your time……….

But If not.... we need to talk.

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