Offer The Solution To A Problem

So, you can't decide which niche to attack or you need a spark to help your creativity flow.

 The question to ask is..."What problem can I (you) solve for someone. You solve a problem...a challenge and success is yours.

Who is your target? What is it that they so deeply desire? What type area do they live in...what are that areas natural resources? What are their desires and goals? What frustrations/set backs do they need help to overcome? What keeps them from sleeping at night? Most of all what is their biggest insecurity, what's their fear?

Next, look inside, what prevents your target tossing and turning all night having a restless sleep? Do they stress about providing food, paying the bills or their legacy. Maybe it's that 600 credit score or wondering when that right person will stroll into their life. 

For many people, it could be trying to lose weight, having a desire but no idea where or how to start or a mentor to encourage and push them. For others, it could be how can I travel more or spend time with family. 

Think about your situations or those you know and love. Review these situations and find a solution

About the Author Chip Crook