So your goal is to gain more subscribers, get more business, increase your bottom line,  have more repeat business or increase your income.

Not only can you do this, but it can be done WITHOUT INCREASING your ad budget!!! WOW!

I want to share with you the SOLUTION and Chips Tip for accomplishing any and all of the above.

DOUBLE your business by giving away FREE INCENTIVES and PROMOTIONS… YES FREE. This offer is from the fastest growing travel company in the world. Millions in sales and over SEVENTEEN THOUSAND TESTIMONIALS. Seeing is believing and this is what you have been waiting for.


These trips are designed for couples and small families. Destinations include Mexico, Gatlinburg, Orlando, Las Vegas and many more.

Most people dream of traveling and staying at first class accommodations, but that USE to come with an expensive price tag…. NOT anymore, Book VIP has changed the game and these resorts, motels and accommodations are stunning. It’s your turn to be the VIP and stay in style.

Knowledge is power and this information is free. Then you can make an intelligent, well informed decision.

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Offer The Solution To A Problem

So, you can't decide which niche to attack or you need a spark to help your creativity flow.

 The question to ask is..."What problem can I (you) solve for someone. You solve a problem...a challenge and success is yours.

Who is your target? What is it that they so deeply desire? What type area do they live in...what are that areas natural resources? What are their desires and goals? What frustrations/set backs do they need help to overcome? What keeps them from sleeping at night? Most of all what is their biggest insecurity, what's their fear?

Next, look inside, what prevents your target tossing and turning all night having a restless sleep? Do they stress about providing food, paying the bills or their legacy. Maybe it's that 600 credit score or wondering when that right person will stroll into their life. 

For many people, it could be trying to lose weight, having a desire but no idea where or how to start or a mentor to encourage and push them. For others, it could be how can I travel more or spend time with family. 

Think about your situations or those you know and love. Review these situations and find a solution

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Welcome to this site!! Thanks for sharing your time with us.

In an "On-Line Income World" I think we would agree their are a lot of fakes, frauds and cons........ right??

So then what makes this site different: INTEGRITY and you will discover soon we believe in the POWER OF FREE. After all, some of our greatest, most cherished and priceless gifts were given to us. 

So why shouldn't internet marketers/sales be any different. IT SHOULDN'T .....unless the others are just simply greedy.

            The foundation of this site and our teams belief is:

RESPECT IS EARNED                    

 HONESTY IS GAINED                                


If you don't understand it or trust us enough today, we don't mind earning your trust and loyalty. 

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve beauty.

We are here to help provide, tools, information and gifts that will help your on-line venture THRIVE.

Folks, take time to enjoy life, family and friends, This world is not our home…. we are just passing through.

I also want to take a moment to say a sincere Thank You to any and all military personal who have served or fallen, FREEDOM ISN’T FREE. Thank you all for your sacrifice.

A very special thank you to my awesome mother in Orangeburg, Sandra, Misti, Courtnie, Justin, Carolyn (mom in Georgia), T C, Aunt Sally, Leslie, Laura Lee,  my son{Jaxson) and friends.

In loving memory of Jack Crook, Corky Cheek, Karyn Cheek. “momma” Mena, Kevin Cheek, John Michael “TEX” Jeffcoat, Granny and Meme

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