About Chip
Originally from Orangeburg, South Carolina and a graduate of South Carolina State University, now living outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I have been blessed to have had many amazing opportunities, but none mean as much as being "Dad!" 

    I have spent 14 years working for Chick-fil-a and owned my own restaurant, but my passion is in coaching and developing. These form the foundation of this site. 

      This site came to fruition as a result of timing and talking to others who wish they would have had a solid "source" when they started their on-line quest.

       Our pledge to you is best summed up in the words of Mr. Michael Jackson, "You are not alone."           Chips Tips is here to assist you with: gifts, advice, current technology, leverage, relevance, coaching     and of course ...........T I P S. 

       We are here to serve and help you grow your on-line brand.

Email: chip@chipstips.site

Facebook:Chip's Tips  

Skype:Chip Crook


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